Well, hello there…

Well, here we are, six years after I started this blog and it seems fitting that I recap and, in a way, start over as over the last while, the world has started to shift and my life has, in many ways, diverged onto other paths.

Yesterday, June 25th, I was delighted to be able to share my story with Declan Meehan from East Coast FM’s Morning Show and, more importantly, to chat about the importance of consent, education, access to services and raising vital funds for regional counselling services like Wexford Rape Crisis Centre. I am currently nearing the end of running 100 kilometres for WRCC. As of today, June 26th, we have managed to raise €648 of a €500 target and I’ve run 84k. So thank you to everyone who has donated and shared!

In this week’s Arklow edition of The Wicklow People , my fundraiser was featured by the wonderful Eimear Dodd, who had interviewed me over the phone the week before. I think you have to be a subscriber to access the online article but I’m attaching a screenshot of the piece here, which could get me into trouble! Please do subscribe yourself or buy the hard copy paper, out each Wednesday. I’m hoping Eimear and her editor won’t mind as it’s all for a good cause.



To donate to the fundraiser, please click on this GoFundMe link . All funds go directly to WRCC who are planning a new building to house their flagship centre and to further support their outreach clinics across the county.

There is currently no Rape Crisis Centre in Wicklow County so north county residents rely on Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and south county on the WRCC clinic at Gorey Family Resource Centre.

So, that’s where we are at this time but for a quick fly through my story, here are some bullet points:

  • I’m 39 (and a half). Shit, I’m 39.
  • I grew up an only child in Arklow. Although spoiled, I was independent and hard working at school.
  • My Grandad and my Uncle were the positive father figures in my life, being raised in a very matriarchal family.
  • At sixteen, after a summer’s night out, I was raped by an older boy I knew who was walking me home, with no expectations, or so I thought. Only my best friend knew and she dealt with the immediate aftermath. I didn’t tell my parents for six months, by which time most of the initial layers of trauma had set into my psyche. It being 1997, services were not widely available, or even discussed. I was ashamed and felt like spoiled goods.
  • At 18, I was pregnant, at 19, I delivered my little soulmate, my daughter. We’ve been almost inseparable ever since.
  • I married her father at 24, it did not end well, 20 months later.
  • I have a degree in English and French, a Master’s in Anglo-Irish Literture and an MLitt in “The Role and Representation of Women in the Abbey Theatre During the Formative Years of the Irish State”, all from UCD.
  • I miscarried early in 2008.
  • I went through a period of starving myself to be thinner and thinner and maing myself sick to purge.
  • I taught in a secondary school for over a decade and loved the teaching but not the system.
  • I moved my 10 year old daughter and me to Ranelagh in 2010 and worked in a lingerie shop. We loved Dublin.
  • I embarked on many dysfunctional, toxic relationships for a long period in my early 30s. I had three more very unsafe, non consensual sexual experiences during this time.
  • I’ve had two major breakdowns resulting in not being able to work; resorted to self harm and half-heartedly attempted suicide.
  • I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (which I feel is an outdated term and doesn’t reflect my experience accurately); PTSD; severe depression and chronic migraine.
  • I have run two marathons and multiple half marathons, including a couple in the Texas high summer, which nearly killed me.
  • I gained a step son, who is now six and a half, when I met and fell in love with my fiancé in 2015.
  • We moved back to Arklow in 2017, being outpriced out of South Dublin.
  • We have six rescue dogs. We lost our beloved old spaniel, Peggy, in October, the day after my hero, my Nana, was buried at age almost 98.
  • I live around the corner from my Mam, the most stylish woman I know, and my Uncle, the best dressed man I know. They do so much for us.
  • I run my own tutoring school.
  • I make a lot of lists and beat myself up if I don’t get through all the to dos.
  • I sleep poorly and have recurrent nightmares of paralysis and powerlessness. I regularly have cold night sweats.
  • At Christmas, exactly six months ago today, in fact, on St. Stephen’s Day, I was rushed to hospital after having a seizure at home, having been to the out of hours doctor five hours earlier and diagnosed with an ear infection. In the ambulance, I had two more seizures, two more in hospital, went into cardiac arrest, had multiple organ failure and was out cold for five days with bacterial meningitis, encephalitis and mastoiditis. St. Vincent’s Hospital were amazingly quick in diagnosis which saved me from long term damage, and worse.
  • I have gynae issues and I am awaiting surgery. We are currently unable to conceive successfully.
  • I love running; gardening; listening to audiobooks; cuddling our dogs; interiors; writing; cooking; teaching; drinking gin and travelling.
  • I put too much pressure on myself, especially to be productive and “achieve”.
  • I’m trying to learn how to be a better ally to people who do not have my white, middle class, straight cis woman privelege.
  • Education around consent and culture seems to me to be a crucial element in preventing future generations from accepting and committing sexual harassment; sexual abuse; gender based and domestic violence; rape; misogynism; homo and transphobia; racism and intimate terroroism.
  • I’ve made A LOT of mistakes and hurt many people, sometimes because of residual trauma, and sometimes, just because I can be a bitch.
  • I’m a ‘fixer”. I’m bossy. I’m loud.

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Onwards, le bród,

Dotty 💚





Nine Days Late


My period is now nine days late. I have no symptoms: no spots (I usually get 2 or 3); my mood has been steady enough (no excessive narkiness, just the habitual cantankerousness); no early spotting.

Our OBGYN consultant told us just six days ago that it is very unlikey that we will conceive naturally the way things stand but maybe… just maybe? He had crossed his fingers when I told him that I was on Day 30. You hear these things: couples told they won’t conceive and then suddenly, when they aren’t expecting anything, boom, by some lucky one in 100 million chance, she’s knocked up. This could be us. It could be. Nana is looking down on us, she’ll fix it, she’ll make it happen.

We are trying not to talk about it, not to think about it. It could be just stress and grief that’s delayed it.

But nine days late is surely a good thing.


I’m bursting for a wee when I wake up. My knickers feel damp but that could be the night sweats or bladder at leakage point. I go to the toilet. It looks pink but they are pink knickers. But then, I see it on the toilet roll.


For fuck’s sake. Nine days late and nothing. It just fucking crept up on me like a sly prank. No forewarning.

I knew there was barely a chance but still, there’s always a chance.

We weren’t going to be one of those couples for whom the stars align and against all logic, conceive.

So now here we are. Back to feeling jealous at every pregnant woman; at every dad pushing a pram; back to hearing, “But you’re so lucky to have one each already!”

John is at work so I’m on my own, well I have the dogs, who are right now trying to get me to cuddle them. I don’t want anyone else except John.

I don’t know what we’ve done to piss off the gods and goddesses of fertility but nine days late and nothing to show for it seems like a pretty cruel trick to me Venus.

Back to Square fucking one.

Dotty 💋

The Road to Fertility

So, we had our latest appointment at the Rotunda Hospital on Friday. John was due to have his test results and I was to get an update on my surgery plan. We didn’t expect to be with the consultant for 40 minutes: the last couple of times have been with registrars who reported back to the boss. We definitely werent expecting John’s results to be problematic. But they were.

We know that I have to have surgery to investigate my fallopian tubes, the left of which, with the left ovary, showed signs of a haemorrhagic cyst and a hydrosalpinx. There’s also a cyst at the formation of my cervix and some fibroid activity. The surgery will determine whether this tube can be repaired or if it should be removed; a uteroscope (I think that’s the name of it) and will see how my right ovary and tubes are performing. Also, without Clomid, which I was on for 10 months, my Day 21 Progesterone has dropped to a dismal 8.1. But the consulatnt still advised to leave it alone. Everything seems stacked against us. Go focus on life for a few months. Nothing is going to change till February at least.

However, even if everything gets sorted with me the consultant reckons it’s highly unlikey that we can conceive naturally with John’s results as they are. We were referred over to the Rotunda IVF clinic for him to have more detailed tests in December. The next time I go in will be for surgery. We are embarking this week on a healthier lifestyle and we’re hoping that might help. But realistically, unless something wonderful happens, we have to decide if we want to pursue IVF. At this point, we haven’t discussed it but from what I’ve heard, it’s gruelling and I just don’t know if my mental health could withstand it. Also, we don’t want this journey to define our relationship. Big decisions ahead.

Havong lost Nana last month, our beloved dog Peggy three days later, having another dog, George, need life saving surgery and now this, I’ve been having days of tears and darkness. Last Monday, I had to take a day off as I couldn’t move from lack of energy, motivation or will power. Everytime I see someone else pregnant I am filled with a shameful envy and resentment and I hate it.

John and I already have a kid each and if one more person says to me that we should be happy with that then I might just punch them. Please don’t ask me why would I want to start again with my daughter reared. Of course we are happy with our two beautiful children – we are so fortunate to have them. But the urge to grow our family and share the joy of parenting together is very strong.

The irony is that we have so much love to give but we wouldn’t even be considered for adoption because of our age and circumstances.

I’ve done this parenting thing for nearly 20 years and I know I’m good at it. John has done it for 6 and he is a dedicated, organised and loving dad. I can’t help but be pissed off that we aren’t getting the chance to do this again, together.

That being said, I’m on Day 32 of a normally 26 day cycle with no sign of my period. Could it be??? However, with so much grief, a change in medication and stress I doubt I’m pregnant, just messed up hormonally.

We will both be 39 in Janaury and we have to face it that time is running out.

So, there we have it. Our infertility.

Do share your experiences.

Dotty 💋

Black Fog

External; circumstantial evidence aside, I’m not really sure why I’m so down.

I haven’t skipped my meds and I’ve been drinking less.

I haven’t been exercising though. And my Nana is in hospital. And my car broke down and needs a whole new engine which I can’t afford, and the mechanic can’t even find a repalacement engine so I’ll have to get a new car with my invisible money. I had a horrific migraine yesterday and today I am in an aftermath funk. And the house is a mess and I don’t have the energy to clean it. And the nightmares and night sweats are ridiculous so much so that I’m almost afraid to go to sleep but I’m so stressed that my body just shuts down and is overwhelmed by the need to sleep. I love hot weather but I’m sweating so much from my face and back that I’m uncomfortable all the time. I feel fat and gross. I have my gorgeous family but I can’t appreciate them because I’m stuck in a black fog of self pity and self doubt and self loathing. I’m usually super excited to get back to school and all I can think is how will I do it? I’m due my period and I know there’s next to no chance of being pregnant this month. I look at all the plans I’ve scribbled down or saved in notes on my phone and it feels like they belong to a different person. I am not the same person I was a month ago when I found joy in every little thing and I could squeeze the positives out of most shitty situations. I have a holiday booked with John and even that isn’t enough to lift my spirits.

I am plagued with guilt because I have so much good; wealth and love in my life compared to the world’s majority and still I can’t shake this impending sense of doom.

So there, that’s where I am. Where are you?

We Can’t Get Pregnant Successfully (but please don’t give me advice)

I never thought I’d end up in the Infertility Club, after all, I got pregant while on the Pill at 18. And I was drunk almost every day that summer because I was, well, 18. I’d just finished my first year of college and everything was a party. Back then I reckoned if I was on the Pill I was covered: I was indestructible when it came to protecting my eggs from infiltrating sperm, but now that I desperately want to be pregnant, my ovaries seem to do nothing but turn their stoic backs on the friendly sperm that just want to help bring them to their full reproductive potential.

I’ve learned a lot about my reproductive health and the minutae of cervical fluid; cervical position; the measurement of a follicle; the side effects of Clomid; the cost of ultrasound scans and MRIs… the information is mind boggling and to be honest, I think I’d need a medical degree in order to fully extrapolate what I actually need to know from the avalance of available material on the internet (fuck you, Dr. Google) and there is no way I intend to write a blog about how to conceive, there’s enough of that out there. I will try to recommend accounts on Facebook  or Instagram that I find useful and encouraging but mostly what I feel we need to talk about, or at least I do, is the emotional; psychological; relationship and mental rollercoaster that we embark upon when we try to conceive and then to our surprise, don’t manage to do so as natually and quickly as we thought we would.

We’ve recently just found out what the “problem” is: why we have failed to conceive for almost all of 2 years and 5 months but had 3 chemical pregnancies on the months we “got it right” (not that we did anything different). I don’t really feel like going through the whole medical situation here tonight and if you are curious as to where we are at please have a look at this video to get filled in.

But what has struck me is how fucking touchy I can get about the whole thing. And how I fucking envious I get. And annoyed. And frustrated. And obsessed. And desperate. And lonely.

And if one more person tells me to relax, I will punch them in the face.

Please, please, please DO NOT give me any more advice – the advice I have got is already enough and I’ve probably tried most of what you want to suggest so please don’t tell me I should be trying this new form of X or that previously long lost form of Y.

Also, don’t tell me that I should be happy because I already have a 19 year old daughter and a 5 1/2 year old stepson: it’s now that I’m ready for a baby that is planned (and yes, I’m very god damned grateful for my daughter who is the light of my life and the single greatest gift I was somehow deserving enough to raise and love and see blossom into the jewel she is. Also, I love my stepson and I will always love him and treat him as if he is my own) and even if I had 3 of my own and wanted another and couldn’t, this would still be really bloody hard.

A lot of women I know seem to have conceived unexpectedly or without much effort and that galls me. But then when I think about it, I wonder just how many have actually got pregnant with no intervention or stress and how many of us just aren’t talking about it?

The sad thing is, that I feel “less than” because I can’t “just get pregnant”. Such is the focus and pressure in society for a woman to be fertile that, when we’re not, we are other.

But yet everyone else tells us that we have so much else in our lives, yes, we do, but it doesn’t take away the ache when you see bumps everywhere; a newborn in a pram; an eight month old giggling; a toddler throwing a hissy fit; the first day at school photos; the family with 4 kids.

Maybe because I love our children so much it hurts even more because we desperately want to continue to share our love and grow our family.

“Why don you adopt?”, I’ve been asked. Because we don’t have tens of thousands in tha bank; we have a shit credit rating thanks to my first marriage; we are both on our second marriages; we have seven dogs; we both work full time and we don’t have the typical nuclear family to offer: the odds are stacked against us before we even apply, and believe me, we would if we were allowed.

Recently, I was told that it’s hard for a woman when she gets pregnant easily and there are people around who don’t – the woman feels guilty and like she has to hide it. I’m sure it is tricky but please don’t tell me that. I have my own battles to fight and there’s always that chance of the punch in the face if you do.

Look, I’m delighted if you are pregnant and your baby is just gorgeous but please, just listen when we tell you that we are not so lucky, don’t tell us what to do or how to feel.

But the most importantly, let’s keep speaking our truth; growing and learning and listening.

Dotty 👑

Follow the Insomniac

I can’t sleep, again.

Insomnia is getting the better of me.

And I’m sick again – flu in February; mumps in March; tonsillitis in April.

Every time I try to get fit; healthy; motivated; organised or deal with our fertility and my mental health, I fall ill again.

So if you have tips on building an immune system, do let me know.

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Also, if the puppy poops in the house once more I might actually shout st her cute ass.

Goodnight, ha ha, not really. 🐘

Peace of Mind

I’m not one to revisit places I’ve been to on holidays: feeling like there is always something more out there; something else to see; somewhere better to see and experience. By nature, I’m constantly moving on to the next thing which could either be because A. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge or B. because I have the attention capabilities of an Irish Setter (I’m looking at you George Weasley ). However, Ashley Park, just outside Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, has drawn Husband-to-Be and I back twice already (we also wanted to go last summer but it was so busy with weddings we couldn’t find a date that suited). John and I went last February, almost a exactly a year ago, and despite the season, the grounds are refined in their starkness; glorious in their early snowdrop bleakness.

The Main House is a gorgeous yet creakily authentic Victorian style villa: its green and white façade and wrap-around veranda look almost Colonial. With its white wrought iron love seat swing on the lawn overlooking the lake with its little island on which stands a play castle ruin, draws the eye and the heart. Taking the row boat out on the lake is always pure and wholesome family fun, or delightfully romantic.

Attached to the Main House is the most beautiful Marquee all set up for a wedding in modern luxury with a 1920s palm tree café feel, again overlooking the wide expanse of lake glittered with fairy lights on the ancient trees;  the moon illuminating the still water.

There are ten coach house cottages or suites which are completely different in character to the Main House and the original cottages, yet somehow they manage to feature Victorian references with gigantic pieces of stunning art – even Frieda Kahlo appears, hovering above a staircase in all her breath taking vibrancy.

But our favourite, the dotey little Gardener’s Cottage, in which we have now spent two idyllic weekends, trumps all of the rest for us.

It’s far from perfect- the walls are authentic in their unevenness; the beams exposed as long lost great oak trees, probably from the estate, and although there is electric heating, in order to be truly warm, you must build your fire in the stove. I have never felt such simple satisfaction as when I built a roaring open flame fire with NO firelighters and just a bit of old paper; twigs from the storm blown woodland and plentious amounts of estate logs and local turf. The cottage, a ground floor kitchen/dining area/living room/extra bed space soon grew so warm that we were opening doors, in January, at night time. Of course, given the aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical walled garden and the moonlit lake, nobody much minded. Especially two of our dogs – Elsie and CJ – who were most cordially invited by the gracious Margaret and PJ, our hosts. The spiral iron wrought staircase was only just mastered by Elsie, our sheepdog, an hour before check out (which was 2 1/2 hours later than specified as “there was no rush as there was nobody checking in to the cottage today”. CJ managed the stairs on night one, although I would urge caution after a few gins!

I have long struggled with anxiety and depression; as have many in my family. We do not have thousands to spend on family getaways or holidays. Nor do we have the time – both John and running successful businesses as well as John having a full time job; our daughter is in college and our five year old spends a week’s salary on Lego every month. We also have six dogs and three cats (all rescues) to support. We do try to get away every couple of months however: a weekend in London with the cousins; an annual few days in Europe for Eighteen Year Old’s birthday or just to explore Friend (which to be honest, I have been woefully unadventured in compared to my English betrothed – figures, doesn’t it? We never appreciate what we have). But this place, Ashley Park, brings to me a serenity; a glow of acceptance of all that I have in my life; the glory of natural Ireland; a Yeatsian kind of love for my homeland; a stillness in my mind that no amount of prescription anti-anxiety meds can induce.

If you are going to book an a getaway – no wifi; no network coverage; no TV; no distractions – just you – book Ashley Park.

Dotty 💋

Relax? Great Advice

So, I got my period. Not fucking pregnant again. I honestly feel like I’ve failed the womanhood test.

Such is my sense of failure that we nearly ended up with dog Number 7 today. The maternal void must be filled. Eighteen Year Old is self-sufficient with friends; college; teaching and romantic affairs. Five Year Old has his own lovely mum and only needs me to be a stepmom/fun auntie type figure.

I mean, I knew the likelihood of getting pregnant last month was slim: I took a break from Clomid so as not to be a misery guts over Christmas (and way hey, I was still stressed to the absolute max – see previous posts) but I’ve heard so many anecdotes about women becoming pregnant when they “were on a break”: “not thinking about it” or ‘just having fun” that I secretly hoped that maybe, just maybe, the month when I was drinking gin and not really exercising might just be the month that my ovaries were lulled into a false sense of fertility and found themselves and their mother uterus unexpectedly expecting.

But alas, no,

I’m pissed off. And sad. And angry. And embarrassed. And guilty.

And absolutely sick to the empty womb of seeing other women who are pregnant.

Does this make me a bad person; a terrible feminist? Or just human?

Answers on a postcard please.

Dotty 💋

The Little Thing Cliché

The christmas tree is gone to the attic for eleven months and the house, although untidy has some semblance of normality. I’ve been trying to take a mental note of all the women who haven mentioned to me over the last few days who have expressed their eagerness to get the festive season over and move on. I mean, nobody is excited about January – who can get excited about the two dreariest months of the year falling consecutively after a season of indulgence. My birthday is in January, the 25th, and Husband-to-Be’s is the 18th, the two weeks of the year when everybody is waiting to get paid and nobody feels like celebrating because when you’re broke and cold who wants to party? Not that I’d want to party anymore, even New Year’s Eve consisted of H-to-B; me; the dogs and cats and a bottle of Tanqueray. We banged saucepans with wooden spoons at the front front door at midnight which was a tradition of the older people on the block where I grew up (I’d love to know the origins of this if anyone’s heard of it?). Long gone are the days of glammed up nights out: it’s not that I’m too old, it’s just that I’m happy to be at home with my crew. I used to feel guilty about not wanting to go out – I should; I might be missing out; it’s good to socialise I’d beat myself up but these days, no thanks, once in a blue moon is good enough for me.

Maybe that’s because we have six dogs and they are the best snugglers on the planet. Currently i am trying to type with the smallest, the Spaniel, resting on my right arm while the Sheepdog snoozes on a cushion beside me. The Retriever is standing on the dining table waiting for H-to-B to get back from the grocery shop. The irish Setter has his head in the five year old’s lap and the Whippet is curled up being anti-social in an arm chair on his own. There are two kittens roaming around somewhere, liek;y to either pounce on your head or swirl themselves into a ball on your chest. the eighteen year old is drinking th elast of her white wine and Snapchatting. to Story 3 is playing in the background.

Thsi day next week, h-to-B will be in from work; I’ll be heading to yoga with the Eighteen year old and the five YEar old will be finishing his important junior Infant homework while his dad cooks dinner. I’ll have made it through the first two days back at work and it will seem like christmas never happened. We’ll all be concurrently wishing for snow and Spring so that we can eith er have a few more days at home in our PJs or able to get out and enjoy the stretch in the evenings.

We are all always “moving on” to the next phase. No matter how much we look aforward to a holiday or the weekend; we’re always thnking of getting through to the next Bank Holiday or Valentine’s Day; Easter or the summer break. We spent a month gearing up for Christmas adn then I was releived whne it was over. we’re heading to London this weekend and then back to wirk; we are going on a short family break on the weekend of my birthday and then I’ll have to plan something else to look forward to. but in between, it’s the monday nights when we watch Universoty Challenge together; yoga classes; morning walks on the beach; claases that I teach that give me the “good class buzz”; the laughs with the Eighteeen Year old and the silliness with the Five Year Old and the snuggles from  the dogs that keep us going. And getting my front door repainted and ticking things off the endless To Do List that give you a lift, as my nana would say.

Life is often classified by its big momentous occasions – the weddings; births; new houses; Christmases; holidays; promotions; successes and glitzy nights out, but in fact, it’s the tiny things that make it all bearable. I’d bet even JK Rowling loves that first crocus of the year; that first sip of a cold drink at the end of a long week; that first kiss when your man walks in the door; that text to say your daughter aced her assisgnment; the picture the Five Year Old draws of you with crazy red curly hair; the first lick of the day from your doggo.

As bad as life can get sometimes; as hard and traumatic and lonely and dark, i’m lucky enough to be able to appreciate the little things. Everything that has happened in my life: rape; marriage breakdown; absent fathers; chronic migraine; heartache; depression and complete breakdown; miscarriage and financial ruin – I am still blessed to have the people I love with me whenever that flake of snow falls this winter.

The F Word

Today, I did a terrible thing (another one!): I bailed on our annual school friends’ Christmas reunion lunch. We used to do dinners and big nights out but these days we are all too tired for raving clubbing and raging hangovers. Also, most of us have kids and many are expecting or have just given birth.

Which leads me on to a seldom discussed and still somewhat taboo subject, although we are getting better as a society in talking about our fertility issues.

Fertility. There I said it. Conceiving; pregnancy; abortion; miscarriages and loss; stillbirth and birth.

I’ve been quite open with those I know about our wish to have another child; I think sometimes my honesty can come as a surprise and sometimes people probably think I’m looking for sympathy; but that doesn’t bother me. I genuinely believe that we need to be completely transparent about our struggles with everything from depression to rape; toxic masculinity to fertility.

We are lucky enough to have one child each – both healthy and happy and loved but our desire to make our family bigger and open our hearts even further to another baby (or two) is, if not an obsession, something we would really love. The problem is we can’t seem to have a successful pregnancy “stick” – we’ve had a few near hits but alas, after eighteen months of no contraception and three months of Clomid (which is a bitch on my hormones and skin and mood – but more about that another day), we have nada to show for it, in terms of procreating together at least, although the trying has been lots of fun and in a way, I think it’s brought us closer and closer together.

I can’t say that I not being able to produce a kiddo has negatively affected our lives to an excessive point but it does get me down, frequently if not often. And today was one of those days when I felt “other’ and perhaps, “less” than my women friends who are currently pregnant or recently postpartum. More recently than my almost 19 years out of the maternity hospital. I got pregnant so unwittingly when I was 18; now, when I’m finally ready to be a mother, I can’t. I’m not fitting into the conventional mould and it pisses me off. I don’t for a second begrudge other women their successful pregnancies, but let’s be honest, there is that voice that asks “why the fuck can’t I get pregnant?!”

Now, that I’ve broached the subject, there could be a floodgate of fertility posts – be warned.

If you’d like to share your experiences, please do get in touch.

At least I’ve been able to drink copious amounts of gin over Christmas though, right?

Dot 💋